Upplands-Bro Gymnasium is a secondary school located in Upplands-Bro Municipality 3 miles northwest of Stockholm. The school is the municipality’s only secondary school with approximately 850 students attending the 9 national programs that are both professional and college oriented. Upplands-Bro Municipality is a socio-economically mixed municipality, but the majority of the pupils come from the neighboring municipality of Järfälla, which also has a very mixed socio-economic nature. The contact with the rest of the municipality is good with both companies but also political representatives and civil society. The school also has a long experience of different foreign travel but not so much within the framework of the Erasmus +, which this project is hoping to improve.

Upplands-Bro high school has in recent years received a large number of newly arrived refugees and the school has a mixed socio-economic catchment which has made the school face big challenges in how to organize themselves in order to meet students’ needs and create an environment that is characterized by good working and learning.

Upplands-Bro high school for the past two years received more pupils who come to school to meet their secondary education successfully, while the school has also been commissioned by the principal municipality to receive a large number of refugees from  Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq…, to give them the education they are entitled to and read up on their grades so they get to secondary school qualifications or to practise their language skills to get an opportunity to enter the labor market.

This change in school activities and conditions have meant that the school has received as many young people as the only practical as possible while their conditions and needs in and outside the classroom are very different. Changes in student population means that the school is facing major challenges to manage both treatment of each other and the conflicts that arise due to different backgrounds and also the prejudices about each other so  the school has chosen to focus work on the multicultural classroom and inclusive teaching and how this could be seen as an asset and not as an obstacle.

Now methods in how to get these students to perform well by letting them to physical activities are well needed and something that the school needs to develop.

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