Four Erasmus + IHMB Olympic Games will be held during the two years of the project, one in each country for the 4 mobilities planned.

  • Almeria’18 (Spain)  – The Olympic Games of Health: opening ceremony, sport games and track and field events will be the main activities. Guest schools and associations   for disabilities will be invited.  (March, 2018)
  • Psary’ (Poland) – The Olympic Games in Nature: the forests around the host school will be the stage in which our second short-term exchange will take place. Physical activity in natural environment promote respect and cooperation.
  • Kungsängen’19 (Sweden) – Winter Intercultural Olympic Games: winter sports, yoga and mindfulness..
  • Rövershagen’19 (Germany) – The Olympic Games On Shore, Off Shore: the Baltic Sea offers countless opportunities to create educational activities in which to develop teamwork. Water and winter (Sweden) sports was a big challenge for the participants.