Europaschule Rövershagen consists of both the Gymnasium and the Regionale Schule secondary school levels in the German education system. Our school serves approximately 650 students from grade 5 to grade 12, aged 10 to 19. Our school offers all of the secondary school degrees that are attainable through the German school system. Students needing special support make up 10 percent of our school population. Our focuses are primarily in their emotional and social development, as well as in their difficulties in reading, writing, and arithmetic. Support for adolescents is of especial importance in the Regionale Schule side of our school, as many of these students come from underprivileged families and have previously had limited access to education.

Our school accommodates these students in many ways. For example, our school clubs and social workers, who act as important points of contact in the school every day, actively guide and support our students as they begin their careers. At our school, students learn in classes of approximately 25. Our school is equipped with general and specialized classrooms and, in addition to the sports facilities located on school grounds, it also utilizes a large community gymnasium.

Numerous projects and themes in our classes and extra-curricular programs focus on the concept of ‘Europe’. At the same time, a strong emphasis on natural sciences and social sciences can also be found in our school. Additionally, a strong emphasis is put on history projects, as well as on our school’s choirs, whose performances are greatly received within our community. Our school offers English, French, Spanish, Swedish, and Latin foreign language courses. Our school is located near the city of Rostock, and is approximately 10km from the Baltic coast in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.

This in itself creates exceptional possibilities for European projects in the area around the Baltic Sea.

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