Between 13-16th November, IES SOL DE PORTOCARRERO (Spain) held the second Transnational Meeting of our project. All four countries worked on ideas for the second year of our IHMB Erasmus+ project. So excited to work on those ideas with our students afterwards. We worked hard, learn a lot about each other and also had time to enjoy and have fun. Wonderful team made by these group of European friends, more than just peers.


Transnational Meeting (Sweden)

One week (13-17 November, 2017) of productive and intensive work during the first transnational meeting of our strategic partnership held in Stockholm, actually in Kunsangen where our host Upplands-Bro Gymnasiet is located.

The Transnational Meeting 1, TM_1 ‘Starting Line’ as it’s called by this international team,   has been a great opportunity for getting agreements  and reviewing our first year planning beyond the limits of the online communication, so we all benefit from this face-to-face cooperation activity.  Important issues were discussed, such as the review of the budget of each country, the activities planning for first year as well of the distribution of them between partners, dates and program of short-term exchanges and the dissemination plan.

We also enjoyed the presentations made by teachers and students of each country and  the celebration of the final phase of our ‘Logo Contest’, which finished with a close victory for a Spanish student, Sonia Álvarez, whose design will be upgraded by Sofia Eklund, Graphic Design teacher in Upplands-Bro Gymnasiet (Sweden).

Finally, we would like to thanks the attention by part of Jesper Sjögren director of education and Lisa Edward’s first vice chairman of the board of education in Upplands-Bro, who gave us the chance to present them our project ‘IHMB – Inclusion Through a Healthy Mind and Body’. They showed interest in the activities done by the moment and pushed us to keeping ahead in the same direction.

Enjoy this photo-video presentation: