Modern Olympic Games and the International Women’s Day

Modern Olympic Games:

Society, sport landmarks and the role of women throughout history.

It is undeniable that the Olympic Games play an important role in our society. For two weeks, people everywhere seem to stop for a while to witness the most important sport event in the world. The modern Olympic Games have had a great impact on our society, not only regarding sports, but also at an economic or social level.

That is why our school, IES Sol de Portocarrero, decided to put up an exhibition that displayed the significance of the modern Olympics. Our 4ESO students created a bilingual timeline of the Olympic Games, providing information on the most relevant sport landmarks, and on how the games have influenced society and the role of women throughout history.


An original way to celebrate the International Women’s Day!


Get access to the document with the information of each Olympic Games click on:

Book: Modern Olympic Games and International Women’s Day

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