The programme Erasmus + IHMB has given our students the opportunity to make new international friends and keep in regular contact with them. However, this opportunity is not only offered to those students actually going on the exchanges, the programme goes beyond that. As a result of one of the meetings held by the teachers in charge of the organisation of the programme an idea was born, and it has successfully become a reality.
In December 2018, a group of 12- and 13-year-old students from both ÍES Sol de Portocarrero (Spain) and Europaschule Rövershagen (Germany) started to exchange letters in which they have introduced themselves and talked about different things such as their hobbies, their schools, their families, their life in Spain or in Germany, and the differences and similarities between both countries. Students are really excited about this exchange, which not only allows them to make new friends and learn about different customs, but it also gives them the chance to practise their foreign language skills in a real context. Plus, in the age of technology…. we’ve gone old school! Most of these students have never received an actual letter and they are having so much fun writing and decorating them!
Hopefully, they can build friendships that last a lifetime!

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